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We now offer a range of routine and advanced services


Our consultations are by appointment only. To book an appointment, please click here. Alternatively, talk to one of our staff, see our contact page.


We are able to perform routine scale and polishes, along with extractions under a general anaesthetic for dogs and cats. We can also perform dental work on small furries such as rabbits and chinchillas. Please contact the surgery for more advice and an estimate of costs.


At Rosehill, we have the facilities to x-ray your pets in-house, should this be deemed necessary. We can also take x-rays for hip scoring, should you need this service. Please contact the surgery should you need any further advice on these procedures.


Our vets are able to perform heart, pregnancy and abdominal scans in-house. Please contact the surgery, where we can advise you on costs and times for these procedures.


At Rosehill, we are now able to perform ECG's within the practice thanks to our extensive range of equipment. Please contact the surgery for more details.


We are able to do a range of blood work and other laboratory diagnostics in-house, including urine tests. Anything we are unable to do here would be sent to a variety of external laboratories, depending on the type of tests needed. If you would like to find out more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the surgery.

Surgical Procedures

Here at Rosehill, we are equipped to do a range of surgical procedures. These include elective, non-elective and some orthopaedic procedures. Please contact the surgery for clarification on the procedures we are able to perform and an estimate of cost.